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BUILD 2011: Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus

Here’s the video about the capabilities and features of Windows Azure Service Bus from the Build 2011 conference.

Copy and paste not working in remote desktop connection

Anyone who uses remote desktop connection on a regular basis knows how frustrating it is when all of a sudden copy/paste to and from your local computer and remote computer stops working. Continue reading →

How to display file extensions in Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7, you may have noticed that by default the file extensions are hidden. Sometimes you may want to be able to see the file extensions, probably because you want to change it. May come in handy.

How To Migrate from Virtual Server to Hyper-V

Microsoft has few different virtualization products – Virtual PC, Virtual Server, Hyper-V. Windows Server 2008 R2 comes with Hyper-V. If you are planning on upgrading to this OS, you may want to take a look at this comprehensive how-to guide to migrate virtual machines from Virtual Server to Hyper-V.

Making Windows Server 2008 R2 look like Windows 7

The default installation of Windows Server 2008 R2 has a quite austere desktop. If you are using it as your workstation OS you it’s not a great experience. All the cool features like Windows flip, Windows flip 3d, ¬†Aero themes just like Windows 7 are disabled by default. Here, you will find few easy easy steps that’ll help you with the transformation.

Most useful Visio tips and tricks

Check out the top 5 Visio tips from Crabby Office Lady.

Outlook error: .pst file cannot be opened

If you are getting this error, one of the reasons could be that you have the same .pst file opened by two instances of Outlook on different machines. Make sure to close the .pst file by right click on the folder that is pointing to the .pst file and then selecting “Close <folder-name>” from one of the Outlook instances.

Visio trick: Align shapes automatically

While putting together a Visio diagram, I have always felt a need to align my blocks/shapes in a straight line either horizontally or vertically. I was doing it manually and it was quite tedious. Then I discovered this neat little trick to auto align the shapes in the diagram. All you need to do is select the shapes that need to align, then go to the menu Shape -> Align Shapes. A pop up will appear and it will let you select between horizontal and vertical alignment.

How to add the Back button in Microsoft Word 2007

The web toolbar of Microsoft Word 2003 was very useful to navigate through a large document. I realized that it is not available in Word 2007. However, there is a way to add the Back and the Forward buttons to the quick access toolbar. Follow these steps.

  1. Click the Microsoft office button in the top left corner of your Word window.
  2. Click on “Word Options” at the bottom of the menu.
  3. Click on “Customize” from the left pane.
  4. In “Choose commands from” drop-down menu, select “All Commands”.
  5. From the list of commands find “Back” and click “Add”
  6. Similarly, find “Forward” and click “Add”

How to insert a hyperlink in a Word document?

To insert a hyperlink that refers to a particular section with your Word document, you first need to create a bookmark for that section. Then you can link to that bookmark anywhere in the document. Detailed instructions here.