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Sorting pages in Worpress

Here’s a nice article that shows how you can sort pages created in wordpress. The default is to display the pages titles in the sidebar in an alphabetical order but you can define your own order as well.

Google’s Opensocial

It’s not about a new social network, instead this time Google is launching a platform that will provide programmatic access to various existing social networks like orkut, facebook and linkedin. Google’s OpenSocial provides a set of APIs that will let developers create social applications that work across multiple social networking websites (those that support the Opensocial APIs). All that a developer needs to know is JavaScript and HTML to create a social application.

CSI:NY features Second Life

This Wednesday CSI:NY will air the episode featuring Second Life. CSI investigator Mac Taylor will enter Second Life to pursue a killer who has killed another second life user. Good publicity for Second Life!

Facebook and Yahoo mail get a new IM Client

Blognation reports FriendVox THE FaceBook IM Client Is Live. This will let Facebook users communicate with one another from directly within the Facebook website. Even Yahoo has the IM feature integrated in Yahooo mail. I guess gmail just started this trend and rest are following.

Web based OS

ajaxWindows is a cool new web based OS. It can be experienced using just a web browser. Using this, one can store mp3s and documents online. It uses your gmail account to store documents and mp3tunes locker to store mp3s. It has a nice interface that looks and feels like you are just using your PC.

Firefox becoming a threat to IE in Europe

Slashdot reports:

“Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has made dramatic gains on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer throughout Europe in the past year with a marked upturn in FF use compared to IE over the past four months, according to French web monitoring service XiTiMonitor.”

The study further notes that that Firefox had 27.8% market share across Europe while IE had 66.5%, with other browsers including Safari and Opera in the remaining 5.7%.

Adsense Injection

This wordpress plugin called Adsense injection inserts random Adsense ads into your post content, one or more per post, to spice up your ad displays into a pre-existing blog. It also claims to reduce banner blindness.

Free music and videos

Here is a video about how to download videos from youtube to your computer without using any software. It’s really cool, check it out!

Google Sitemap Generator

I needed to create a sitemap for a website. I tried www.xml-sitemaps.com but they create a sitemap for only 500 pages (for free). After a lot of searching, I found http://sitemap.xmlecho.org/sitemap – It is really good. Once you download the sitemap.xml and upload it to your server, they will also inform google about that.