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Try Windows Azure Platform for free

Check out the Windows Azure free trial offer available now through June 30th, 2011.

What do you get?

  • 750 hours of an Extra Small Compute Instance
  • 25 hours of a Small Compute Instance Continue reading →

Windows Azure

Official definition goes “Windows Azure� is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment� for the Windows Azure platform. Windows Azure provides developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage web applications on the internet through Microsoft� datacenters.Continue reading →

Bing tips and tricks

Whether you are looking for local weather forecast or solutions to mathematical equations, Bing makes it easier.

Yahoo and Google comparison

I read this article that compares the two internet giants. A nice read indeed.

Typing in Firefox 3.0 shows up backwards

Something really bizarre happened just now. I was typing in the address bar of firefox 3.0 and all the letters started appearing backwards so devang appears gnaved.

After googling, I figured others have experienced this before too. So I did what they did. I disabled the addons like Google toolbar and firebug and shut down firefox. I actually had to kill the firefox process from the task manager window.

I got firefox back up, enabled my addons and everything was fine.

Dreamhost Promo Code

I know how hard it is to find a good web hosting company. I went through the same ordeal about a year ago. I found dreamhost.com and have been a customer ever since. I have been using dreamhost for more than a year now and I haven’t had any problems with these guys. Their customer service is very prompt. Dreamhost offers all the features that you can ask for from your web hosting company and at a fraction of what other companies may charge.

Their best feature is one-click installs using which you can have dreamhost install applications like wordpress, joomla, phpbb and many more for you. You do not need to be a programmer. With dreamhost one-click installation you can have your wordpress blog or a phpbb forum up and running in minutes.

www.hosting-promo-code.net is a website that has dreamhost promotional codes and coupons so you can get a discount on hosting plans. When you use dreamhost promo code HOST2K12, you get $77 off and a free domain registration. The best part is that there is nothing to lose when you sign up at dreamhost because they offer a 97 day money back guarantee with all their plans. So, if you don’t like their service you are not stuck with them.

Yahoo and Microsoft battle intensifies

Microsoft plans to wage a proxy fight against Yahoo. Microsoft sees a real benefit in acquiring Yahoo – a benefit large enough to make it deviate from its two fundamental policies:

  • Microsoft doesn’t buy large corporations
  • Microsoft doesn’t go against the will of the other company, if it doesn’t want to get bought.

The way proxy fight works is that Microsoft will request Yahoo investors to remove Yahoo’s board of directors. Yahoo, on the other hand is apparently seeking other options to counter the possible hostile takeover.

Free wi-fi at Starbucks from AT&T

Starbucks has partnered with AT&T to provide free wi-fi access. However, the two hours a day free wi-fi is only for customers who have a Starbucks gift card. It is like prepaying for your coffee but you get free internet too. The AT&T customers will enjoy unlimited access at these starbucks hotspots.

For those who do not want to use a starbucks card, the price is $4 for a two-hour session (T-Mobile charged $6 per hour or $10 per day). I wonder if AT&T will replace T-Mobile hotspots at the hundreds of airport across the country. One more step in the right direction (of making internet free).

Microsoft’s bid for Yahoo

It’s been four days since Microsoft’s bid to acquire Yahoo and no real response from Yahoo yet. As Jim Cramer says, Yahoo seems arrogant. Google’s senior VP David Drummond has already voiced strong concerns over what could be Microsoft’s attempt dominate the Internet that the way it does with the PC.

On the flip side, Microsoft and Yahoo together could pose serious competition to Google, who has long enjoyed the lack of it. Competitive markets have always been beneficial to the customers and it is time that online advertising and search become competitive.

“Ultra-fast” internet by comcast

Comcast CEO Brian Roberts told The Associated Press that his company is innovating a technology that delivers data as fast as 160 MBPS. Comcast is also developing a service that will pop up caller-id of incoming calls on TVs and computers and a phone that lets users access email. So in the near future we can hope that a TV won’t be just a TV and a phone just a phone.